5 Telltale Signs That Your Auto Needs Transmission Car Repair Services

As with any other vehicle component, early detection of transmission problems prevents further damage. Also, you can save a lot in terms of hefty car repair costs if you seek early transmission repairs. So, you are better off if you recognize the telltale signs that your transmission is in trouble and in need of a visit to the car repair shop. 1. Slipping Gears  Slipping gears is a dangerous ordeal that may cause accidents. Read More 

Advice For Motorists Purchasing Replacement Oil Pumps For Their Transmission

If your vehicle relies on an automatic transmission, this component is made up of a lot of smaller systems. One of the most important is the oil pump because it keeps other parts in this system lubricated properly. If you have to replace this transmission component, here are some tips to consider.  Review the Flow of Oil Before Purchasing Since the main job of an oil pump is to direct oil to various areas of the transmission, you want to review the nature of this oil movement before purchasing. Read More 

3 Of The Most Commonly Salvaged Auto Parts

If you've owned a vehicle, you know that maintenance and parts can be extensive and time-consuming. An average modern car is comprised of over 30,000 separate parts, each as delicate and finely tuned as the last. Some components are exhausted in months, others in years. As the vehicle owner, you'll need to get these parts replaced. While you can, of course, visit your local parts shop for new parts or order new parts online, there is a thrifty and efficient parts replacement trend that has taken hold of the auto industry. Read More 

Things You Need to Know When Buying a Battery For Your ATV

ATV batteries in your four-wheeler, side by side, or recreational vehicle won't last forever, so you should know what to replace it with. There are some things you need to know about ATV batteries such as how to find the dead battery, find a replacement, and insert the new battery.  Finding Your Battery locating the battery on your ATV can be tricky because they are not always in the same place. Many manufactures locate ATV batteries under the seat, but they can also be mounted in the frame and even under the fuel tank, so start by checking the owners manual for information about where the battery is and how to access it. Read More 

Saving Money With A Used Battery For Your Car

Buying a used battery for your car or truck is a great way to save money, but you need to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. A used battery can be just a good as a new one, as long as the battery health is good and it fits the vehicle properly.  Battery Condition One of the first things you need to check before buying used car batteries is battery condition. Read More